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Act Now: Ask Congress to Increase Investments in Parkinson's Research

Right now, members of Congress are working on the federal budget for the new fiscal year starting in October. They need to hear from you about increasing funding for Parkinson’s research.

In recent years, we’ve seen incredible progress in Parkinson’s drug development, but we still need better treatments and a cure. The Parkinson’s Research Program at the Department of Defense (DoD) is key to advancing important research progress.

At its peak, the Parkinson’s Research Program (PRP) at the Department of Defense received $27 million. But, in recent years, funding has decreased and has been constant at $16 million for the last eight years, representing an inflation-adjusted decline of over 50 percent. During this appropriations season, the Parkinson’s community is asking Congress to support the PRP with a $25 million investment.

As Senators and Representatives make these decisions, it’s critical that they hear directly from their constituents. Email your members of Congress today — adding your own personal experience — and ask them to invest in Parkinson’s breakthroughs.

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