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Act Now: The Economic Burden of Parkinson’s Disease Is $52 Billion

The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), with Parkinson’s Foundation, AbbVie Inc., ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Acorda Therapeutics, Adamas Pharmaceuticals, and Biogen Inc., along with American Parkinson Disease Association and The Parkinson Alliance commissioned a study to learn more about the economics of Parkinson’s disease — what it costs patients, families and the federal government. That study — The Economic Burden of Parkinson’s Disease — found that the the total cost of Parkinson’s disease is nearly $52 billion every year, double previous estimates. Of that total $52 billion, $25.4 billion goes toward direct medical costs (hospitalizations, medication, and other costs) and an additional $26.5 billion is required to cover the non-medical costs like missed work, lost wages, early forced retirement and family caregiver time.

The federal government alone spends nearly $25 billion each year caring for people with Parkinson’s. Two billion dollars of that is shouldered by Social Security, and the remaining $23 billion is Medicare costs since nearly 90 percent of people with Parkinson’s are on Medicare.

It’s important to let Congress know about the financial impact this disease has and urge them to make Parkinson’s research funding a higher priority. Your voice matters.

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