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Paraquat increases risk of Parkinson’s — tell Congress to ban it!

Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and Representative Joe Neguse (D-CO) have introduced a bill to reduce the number and types of toxic chemicals in our environment. This includes banning the herbicide paraquat, which is thought to increase Parkinson’s risk by 320 percent. More than 30 countries have already banned paraquat, including China where the chemical’s main manufacturer is headquartered.

On October 23, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reapproved paraquat for use in the United States. Every 15 years, the EPA reviews all herbicides and pesticides to confirm they are safe for use. This review process takes several years and has many steps. The latest round of pesticide review and reapprovals, known as interim decisions, finalizes the EPA’s assessments of human and environmental impact and allows the pesticide to be bought and used until it is reviewed again.

Please email your Senators and Representative and ask them to support people with Parkinson’s disease by co-sponsoring this legislation and eliminating paraquat.

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