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Save the California Parkinson’s Disease Registry

The California Parkinson’s Disease Registry is at risk of losing funding and disappearing forever.

Since the Registry was created in 2017, it has collected more than 220,000 electronic records. This is a rich source of data for Parkinson’s researchers working toward a cure – but only if the legislature continues to fund it.  And, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relies on that data for the national data system they are building to inform the future of Parkinson’s research.

All the Registry needs for this year is $1 million to keep it alive.  Without that funding, the Registry will go away and its promise for researchers may be gone forever.

California lawmakers are working on this issue while also managing COVID-19 matters in the state, and state staff has asked the Parkinson’s community to weigh in on Registry funding. 

We need your voices to be heard so the California Parkinson’s Disease Registry doesn’t get canceled.  Researchers need that information.  We need to find a cure!

Email your lawmakers today and ask them to support this critical funding to keep the Registry open.

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