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Foundation Staff

Bradford Casey, PhD

Senior Associate Director • Research Programs

Bradford Casey, Research Programs Associate Director.

Bradford Casey, Ph.D., is an Associate Director in the Foundation’s Research Programs division. As an Associate Director of Research Programs, Bradford manages grant projects and programs, working with other Foundation scientists to manage our scientific portfolio and develop our research strategy.

He works with academic researchers in the Parkinson's research community, as well as pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry partners to ensure that MJFF research priorities and resources reflect and best serve the ultimate needs of patients. This includes regularly meeting with academic and industry researchers at Foundation-hosted workshops and conferences, as well as traveling to Parkinson's/neuroscience conferences and symposia around the world.

Bradford began his research career working on an MJFF-funded program to characterize animal models of Parkinson’s disease and completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where he studied the role of transcription factors in neural development and cellular reprogramming. As a Postdoctoral Research Scientist, his research focused on the development and application of novel genomics strategies in neuroscience, where he collaborated extensively with other researchers in neuroscience and cancer biology. In addition to academic research, Bradford has experience working with legislators and government agencies to advocate for neuroscience research.

Bradford is passionate about the Foundation’s mission, its commitment to PD patients, and its goal to identify a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

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