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2021 Parkinson’s Policy Forum Awards Nomination Form

As part of the Parkinson’s Policy Forum, we recognize some of our outstanding Parkinson’s advocates. Once again, this year, we are asking for your nominations.  

We encourage nomination of all advocates regardless of their connection to Parkinson’s or experience. 

Recognizing the unusual year that 2020 was, this year we will be recognizing outstanding advocacy in general. In considering your nominations, think about advocates who may: 

  • Engage with legislators and their staff throughout the year to build ongoing relationships. 
  • Effectively engage with legislators and the Parkinson’s community on social media.  
  • Work at the state and local level to pursue Parkinson’s policy.  
  • Network and recruit additional advocates.

You can nominate up to three advocates. Self-nomination is welcome. 
The deadline for nomination is Friday, February 12, 2021.  

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Nominee 3

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