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Roadmap for Treatments that Make a Difference in Parkinson's Disease

There continues to be huge unmet need for new treatments for Parkinson's, particularly treatments that could prevent or slow overall disease-related burden. At The Michael J. Fox Foundation, our goal is to increase the number of potential therapies in development and move those therapies to patients faster. 

We are supporting a proposed Roadmap for Treatments that Make a Difference in Parkinson's Disease to provide researchers and the biopharmaceutical industry with a potentially more effective path to developing new therapies. The goals of the document are to specifically increase the efficiency and meaningfulness of clinical trials for new Parkinson's treatments. 

To date, dozens of stakeholders from the Parkinson's community have contributed perspectives to the draft Roadmap document. We now seek even broader feedback to ensure the voice of the whole community — patients, families, researchers, industry, health care providers, health insurance payers, policy makers and regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — can contribute to this Roadmap

You can read and comment on the Roadmap below. Your perspectives make a difference, and they can impact the final version of this important work. To ensure that The Michael J. Fox Foundation considers your feedback on the draft document, please submit comments before September 15, 2019

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Download the full document

*Only fields marked with an asterisk are required. All others are optional. We have invited comments from people with different connections to and roles within the Parkinson’s community, including patients and researchers, so some questions may not be relevant to you.

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