We look forward to seeing you in Washington!

You can prepare for the Forum by exploring the resources on this page.
As the event approaches, materials for your Hill Day meetings will be added.

Hotel and Event Logistics

Event Agenda

Educational and Background Materials




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Hotel and Event Logistics

Please note all attendees are responsible for gettinng themselves from their home to the airport and from the airport to the Omni Shoreham hotel. 

If you are interested in taking public transit from the airport to the Omni Shoreham hotel you can use the D.C. metro website to help plan your trip. 

Educational and Background Resources

Glossary: Explore commonly used policy and research terms

Welcome to Washington: Read an overview of the legislative process and learn more about what to expect on Hill Day.



What is the Forum?

The Parkinson's Policy Forum unites members of the Parkinson's community and lawmakers to discuss and take action on pressing patient needs and policy opportunities on an annual basis. The Parkinson's Policy Forum concludes with "Hill Day," a full day of meetings on Capitol Hill to raise awareness of the disease among elected officials.

Training sessions will be held on Monday, March 19, and Tuesday, March 20, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. Meetings will take place on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, March 21. Lawmaker meetings will conclude by 5 p.m. that day.

What is a meeting like? What will I discuss with my representative or senator?

Your group will arrive at the member's office a few minutes before your appointment time and your group leader will check in. You will then meet with your senator, representative or one of their staff members. Participants will introduce themselves and the group will discuss several issues that matter to people with Parkinson's. (Talking points will be provided in the coming weeks.) As space can be limited in some offices, these meetings may take place in a hallway or a small meeting room. At the Forum training sessions, we will discuss the messages to be conveyed at the meeting as well as other points of conversation.

What do I do after my meetings?

The in-person meeting is just the beginning! Within a few days of the meeting, make sure to send a thank you email (ask for the business card of the person you met with in order to do so). We will provide you with draft email text that will remind lawmakers and staffers about the issues you discussed. Keep in touch! Feel free to send the staff member you met with items relevant to you and the broader Parkinson's community.

How do I get to Capitol Hill?

Buses will take you from the hotel to Capitol Hill and back. We will provide more detail about pickup and drop-off locations at the Forum.

How will I know where to go for my meetings?

You will be with a group of several other Forum attendees. We will designate a group leader who has experience attending meetings with lawmakers. You will be given a map of Capitol Hill, and security officers in the House and Senate are always available to assist you.

Is there anything special I need to pack for lawmaker meetings?

Please pack business attire for Hill Day. You will be on your feet much of the day, and your schedule will include moderate walking between meetings, so be sure you have shoes that are comfortable.

In the coming weeks, we will email you all the materials and talking points for your meetings so you can review them ahead of time. There will be printed copies for each attendee in Washington.

When will I see my final schedule of meetings?

You will receive your schedule during the Forum training sessions. Most meetings will be with congressional delegations from your state or from the state of one of your group member colleagues. Also, please note that schedules may change at the last minute.



If you have any questions or concerns please email info@parkinsonsforum.org