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ASAP Collaborative Research Network


The ASAP Collaborative Research Network, a program of the Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s (ASAP) initiative being implemented through The Michael J. Fox Foundation, seeks to support international, multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research teams to address key knowledge gaps in the basic disease mechanisms that contribute to Parkinson’s development and progression.

The goal is to establish “research hubs” around priority areas with teams comprising the best researcher expertise to address key knowledge gaps, regardless of their geographical location or institutional affiliation. Funding through the ASAP Collaborative Research Network is open to for-profit entities, public and private non-profit entities, and eligible agencies of the federal government.

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What Fits:  

This program solely funds basic research aimed at understanding the 1) structure and function of the nervous system (and related physiological systems) and 2) disease mechanisms that contribute to Parkinson’s disease. Research can involve studies performed in vitro, in animals or in humans.

The specific priority areas for this RFA are:

  • Biology of Parkinson's-associated Genes
  • Neuro-immune Interactions  

For both priority areas, ASAP is interested in understanding their dynamics during the prodromal period and how they are altered during the progression to overt disease.

ASAP is leveraging The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s grant administration and grantmaking infrastructure to receive applications, administer the review process and make grant awards to projects selected for funding. As such, applicants may hear from ASAP staff or Foundation staff with follow-up needs or questions pertaining to their submissions.

Informational Webinar

Watch an on-demand webinar to learn more about ASAP, this funding program, and the application and review processes.

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Application Process

1.  Download RFA overview and application template. 
2.  Log in or create account in the grant application portal. 
3.  Submit your completed application.

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