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Biology of Astrocytes in Parkinson’s Disease


The Michael J. Fox Foundation will award one-year to 18-month grants for studies that explore the role of astrocytes in Parkinson’s disease (PD) pathology and the potential for astrocyte-focused therapeutics. The goals of this funding program are to further understanding of astrocyte biology in Parkinson’s and to rationalize the pursuit of astrocyte-specific targets and/or pathways for the treatment of the disease.

What Fits:

Preference will be given to applications that focus on or include the following:

  • Role of astrocytes in initiating and/or propagating Parkinson’s disease pathology, including alpha-synuclein spread, dopaminergic neuron death, inflammation and senescence
  • Consequences of dysfunction and/or mutations of common PD targets, including alpha-synuclein, LRRK2, GBA, PRKN and PINK1
  • Manipulation of astrocyte activity and/or astrocyte-specific pathways to assess the potential of targeted astrocyte therapies on disease biology and/or symptoms
  • Parkinson’s disease models with high construct validity to human PD, including patient-derived material (such as iPSCs or cerebral organoids) and/or well characterized animal models and primary cells; Examination of human brain samples to answer specific hypotheses is also acceptable
  • Targets, pathways and mechanisms with reasonable links to PD

Informational Webinar

Watch a previously recorded webinar on our Foundation's funding strategy and opportunities, and the application and review processes

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Application Process

1.  Download RFA and application template
2.  Log in or create account in the grant application portal
3.  Submit your completed application.

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