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CLIA Lab for Genetic Testing RFP


We are seeking a CLIA laboratory to conduct genetic testing on samples from people who may carry a Parkinson's-related mutation.

The Michael J Fox Foundation is leading an initiative to make genetic testing available in the United States to those at increased risk to carry a genetic mutation associated with Parkinson’s disease. This project aims to build a pool of individuals with a LRRK2 and/or GBA mutation who can support current and future therapeutic trials.

We are accepting competitive proposals from CLIA laboratories for a genetic testing contract. Initially, this project expects to test for pathogenic LRRK2 and GBA variants. We anticipate 400 samples to be sent for testing from January to June 2020 and 2,250 samples between July 2020 and June 2021. Other variants may be of interest and increased sample pool may be available for testing in the future.

Applicants Must:

  • Have current CLIA and CAP license
  • Accept saliva samples for genetic testing
  • Employ a laboratory information management system to track specimens and testing results
  • Be able to provide an electronic file with individual genetic testing results
  • Show capability of rapid turnaround time based on sample volume
  • Demonstrate laboratory infrastructure capable of rapidly scaling for increased testing volume demand (up to 3,000 samples/year)

Application Process

1.  Download RFP document.
2.  Submit your completed proposal to our project partners at Indiana University: Laura Heathers at

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