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Funding Opportunities

Use of Parkinson’s Disease Biosamples


The Michael J. Fox Foundation seeks to facilitate access and use of our cohort biosamples. Applicants could request these human biosamples and associated grant funding for target validation or biomarker development programs.

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Different stages of the target and assay development pipeline necessitate access to samples with varying degree of clinical information and longitudinal follow-up. MJFF biosamples are available for every stage of intended use, including target identification and validation, assay development and validation, biomarker discovery, biomarker replication, biomarker verification and assessment of disease progression. Certain sample collections offer additional opportunities, including examination of diurnal fluctuation, pharmacogenetics/pharmacodynamics or insight into genetic Parkinson’s.

For more information about each collection’s resources, including intent of use and biosample type and availability, please visit MJFF’s Biospecimens page and Biorepository Inventory website. These resources are available independent of this funding program.

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