How We Work: A Message from Michael

Since opening our doors, our Foundation has brought a distinctive sense of urgency and efficiency to the Parkinson's research landscape. We're always challenging how we can advance research better and faster.

Our people are determined, collaborative and whip smart. I hope this also describes you. Thanks for your interest in working at MJFF and helping us end Parkinson's disease.


What We Bring to Our Work

Urgency —Like patients, we are impatient for change. It can take time to achieve our ultimate goal but each year we work to make progress toward a world where PD is better managed or prevented entirely.

Dedication — For many at MJFF this is a passion, not just a job. Our programs are focused on identifying and driving the most promising opportunities to make a difference in patients' lives.

Impact–orientation — We know more can be done to make an impact on improving care and speeding better treatments and that it is our job to deliver results.

Resourcefulness — By using resources wisely, we do as many smart things as possible that fit our big–picture goal of speeding breakthroughs. We are driven to tackle the most possible, not the least.

Entrepreneurialism — We act creatively and diligently to overcome intractable challenges, and work through complex, messy challenges that, done right, can have seismic impact.

Risk-tolerance — We work to understand and articulate our risk appetite and proactively use that knowledge to drive progress around priority initiatives.

Experimental/iterative approach — No straightforward path exists to accomplish our mission. We embrace the problems and chart the course to build consensus around key priorities. We architect roadmaps to help guide a wide range of stakeholders.

Nimbleness — We are responsive to changes in our ecosystem — taking on new opportunities, big and small, and changing our approach, where required, to maximize our effectiveness.

Leadership — We must lead by example: Demonstrating excellence, inclusion, insight, perspective, clarity, authenticity and empathy in our work.

Accountability — We build trust and respect by keeping our word, seeking solutions and owning our missteps. We act to reflect "the change we want to see in the world."

Self-reflection — We integrate what we learn and reflect updated knowledge in our plans and actions.

Collaboration — We lessen boundaries by seeking to include all stakeholders, internally and externally, and by turning out knowledge to benefit the entire PD community. We share the stories and voices of Michael J. Fox and others who have taken his lead in helping light the path to something better for patients/families.