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2020 MVP Awards

Welcome to the Virtual MVP Awards Experience

Each April, The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s top fundraisers gather in New York City for an evening of celebration and recognition of their outstanding contributions towards a world without Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, this year is anything but typical.

Our fundraising community is known for its creativity, dedication and resiliency, and we’re here because of it. And so, while the energy of an in-person MVP Awards Dinner can’t be replaced, we invite you to join us – albeit, virtually! -- for a look back at the many finish lines crossed and milestones reached in 2019 as we continue to cultivate inspiration, together. 

Debi Brooks Message

A Message from Debi Brooks

Hello Everyone! 

Typically, I would be addressing you from a stage in New York City, looking out at old friends and new faces decked in foxy attire and orange flair. I look forward to this night every year, and the opportunity to express our gratitude — on behalf of The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the entire Parkinson’s disease community — for all you have done and continue to do. 

Friends to Lean On

In our most recent short film, directed by MJFF Board member Nelle Fortenberry, see how The Michael J. Fox Foundation — and our fundraising community — unexpectedly became a point of connection for people with Parkinson's, their loved ones, and others who support the cause.

2019 Impact

 • Thank You to our MVP Fundraisers

• The Year in Numbers

It takes a village to raise $11.6 million in one calendar year! Take a look at the many people, places and events that made up our grassroots fundraising community in 2019.   
Expand view (PDF).

2019 fundraising community raised over 11 million 2019 56,669 donors 40,000 pancakes flipped, 1,000 musical minutes, 1 international film festival 482 events 861000 vertical feet climbed One connected community
MVP Recognition

Each year, there is a distinguished group of fundraisers who go above and beyond to raise critical funds for Parkinson’s research. They are leaders and role models within our Team Fox community, and we can’t thank them enough.

  • top 10 trophy

    Top 10 Fundraisers

    1.  New England Parkinson's Ride
    The Woods Family → $1,328,571

    2.  Tour de Fox Wine Country & the UCSF Celebrity Golf Classic 
    Wendy and Rick Tigner → $915,928

    3.  Danville D'Elegance 
    Chris and Jim Edlund → $445,000

    4.  Jack Taylor's Alexandra Toyota
    Jack Taylor → $423,633

    5.  Seven Summits Climb
    Peter Lowry → $323,857

    6.  Kickin' Parkinson's
    Penny and Quentin Dastugue → $310,000

    7.  Detroit Gala for Parkinson's Research
    Team Fox Detroit → $251,499

    8.  Nicole Jarvis MD Parkinson's Research Foundation Winter Gala
    Nicole Jarvis → $213,050

    9. Tri-State Spartan Sprint
    Julie and Dan Morris → $146,020

    10. Foxy Gala and Sunday Funday
    New York City Young Professionals → $141,173

The 100k+ Club

We’d also like to recognize the following members, events and teams whose incredible efforts and success each raised an outstanding $100,000+ in 2019.  Congratulations to all:

  • *Sebastian Krys 
    Los Producers Charity Show → $140,325 
  • Team ESB 
    Pancakes for Parkinson's → $122,188
  • Team CRCF Strong 
    New England Parkinson's Ride → $121,182
  • Cherryl & Jimmy Choi  
    Shake it Off 5K → $118,284
  •  *3 4 Fighting 
    Denver Pedaling 4 Parkinson's → $106,928 
  •  *Gretchen and Ryan Kelly / Team Kelly 
    Batting Practice for PD → $106,321
  • Alexandra Cherubini 
    Shuck Parkinson's → $105,530
  • *Tips for Parkinson's D.C. 
    Tips for Parkinson's → $102,841 
  • *The Rowland Family / Team Rowland
    Tour de Fox Atlanta→ $101,233

*First time member of the $100k+ Club! 

2019 MVP List 

Congratulations to every one of our 2019 MVPs. Your unwavering enthusiasm, dedication and creativity continue to inspire our work — and the broader Parkinson’s community — every day. Thank you. 

2019 in Pictures

Thank you to the many members and teams who submitted their foxiest moments from 2019. Your spirit, smiles and accomplishments are infectious!

2019 Fundraising Event Slideshows

• A — C

2019 MVP a-c1

D — H

2019 MVP-d-h

• I — L 


• M — O

2019 MVP m-o

• P — S

2019 MVP p-s

• T — W

MVP 2019 t-w
In Closing
Team Fox Event

To our MVP honorees,

We hope you have enjoyed this Virtual MVP Awards Experience. While we cherish the opportunity for an evening spent celebrating and connecting in person, the reality is that our teams are motivated by your outstanding efforts all year long.  Your dedication, creativity and optimism never fail to blow us away and 2019 had no shortage of moments to cheer for and toast to. We look forward to the day when we can properly thank you again, in person. Until then, please know that our staff and leadership remain your biggest cheerleaders, even from afar, and your continued efforts to help speed a cure for Parkinson’s do not go unnoticed. Even in this time of uncertainty, we know that this community will continue to make impactful strides toward a cure for Parkinson’s. Already, so many of you have found ways to make 2020 count, but there’s more work ahead.

That’s why we’re coming to you first with an early look at what’s to come this fall. In September, the Foundation will announce our Celebrate Science HERE weekend, set to kick off on October 3.  You will be invited to a variety of events throughout the weekend, including our Virtual 5K/10K, research discussions and more. This weekend will also include a $10 million match campaign which we are eager to share more about! Keep your eyes on your email and MJFF’s social channels for an official announcement in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’ve listed ways to get involved below.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation remains optimistic about the future of Parkinson’s disease research, especially with this community by our side. Even in the face of a global pandemic, you continue to innovate, engage and assist one another. And in turn, we promise to continue to support you in any way we can. At The Michael J. Fox Foundation, we know that a future without Parkinson’s is possible; and with your partnership, it starts HERE.

Thank you,
Liz, Stephanie & our collective fundraising teams

Liz Diemer: Director, Team Fox
Stephanie Paddock: Director, Community Events

  • Create Your Own Event

    Transform your passions into a virtual or socially-distanced event! From cocktail making classes to neighborhood art shows, Team Fox has lots of ideas to help you drive impact in your community. Join us!

  • Register for the Virtual 5K/10K

    Be part of MJFF’s first ever Virtual 5K/10K! Register solo or create a team and lace up between October 2-4. Join thousands of community members dedicated to accelerating a cure all over the globe.

  • Start a Letter Writing Campaign

    Unable to host an event this year? Use your fundraising page to share your personal story and engage your network in helping you reach your goal. Remember: birthdays and special anniversaries are great times to ask for donations in lieu of gifts.

Here until Parkinson's isn't
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