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Fundraiser Toolkit

Kick-start Your Campaign

Once you've set up your fundraising page, here are five ways to kick-start your fundraising.

1. Make the first contribution to yourself. 

Launch your fundraising and show your supporters that you are personally committed to your event and the mission of The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

2. Make your message personal. 

We have templates for your fundraising pages, emails and other documents, but your words and personal message can greatly impact your fundraising. Your supporters want to hear from you. Why are you fundraising and why do you care about finding a cure for Parkinson's disease (PD)? And how can they help? Remember to include your story and photos on your personal fundraising page.

3. Identify your networks of support. 

Your network is bigger than you realize. Take time to map out your connections to various individuals and groups. Consider who to reach out to and how, whether through email, social media, mailing a letter or a direct conversation. Start by thinking about:

  • friends and family
  • current and former colleagues and classmates
  • your professional, volunteer or religious networks
  • your social, hobby or recreational groups

Also, think outside of your direct communities — remember, there are many people who have been affected by PD who may be interested in supporting you and the cause.

After you’ve asked people to give, don’t hesitate to follow up! Correspondence is easy to overlook and people often intend to give (or participate) closer to the event date, but forget to do so. Keep reminding them! The majority of donations or sign-ups for an event occur within two weeks prior to the event date.

4. Keep your donors engaged.

Your fundraising has taken off…so what’s next? Stay in touch with friends and family who give and ask them to help spread the word about your efforts. Keep them updated on your progress through emails, social media posts and other regular communication. They want to know how your event or training is going — and when you hit milestones!

5. Express gratitude.

Engage your supporters in your efforts to speed a cure by taking the time to thank everyone who supported you. It’s meaningful when you send a personal note or email to everyone who donates to or attends your event. Make sure to send a final update post-event with fundraising totals. (Note that The Michael J. Fox Foundation will send a receipt to anyone who donates directly online or via snail mail.)

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