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Parkinson's and Insurance


What can I do to ensure I have adequate health insurance?

Maintaining adequate and affordable health insurance is challenging for just about anybody; for people with disabilities, it can be even more difficult. However, there are government programs that can help if you are eligible.†Click here†for more information.


What is long-term care insurance and can I get it?

Long-term care insurance covers costs of in-home or nursing facility assistance to persons qualifying for such care under the terms of the policy. If you have already been diagnosed with Parkinsonís disease, it is unlikely, then, that you would be able to purchase a private long-term care policy. However, some companies offer such policies on a group basis to employees ó in such cases, federal law requires the policies to be offered to all employees without regard to pre-existing conditions for a period of 30 days. If such a policy is available to you at work, seriously consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

Can I get life insurance?

Generally, life insurance other than that offered through an employer is not offered to a Parkinsonís patient. See the question above about long-term care insurance.



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