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Gary Rafaloff

Marlboro, New Jersey

Gary Rafaloff.jpg

Gary Rafaloff is a businessman and entrepreneur with over 45 years of professional experience in finance, management, organizational consulting and business development.

Gary spent over 25 years as a senior executive on Wall Street and was President of a regional Securities Broker/Dealer for 11 years. After selling the company, he became Managing Partner of a private equity firm with assets in commercial real estate and solar renewable energy.  Gary was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2012 and now devotes much of his time as a consultant, advocate and ambassador in the Parkinson's community. Gary’s interest is strongly focused on current clinical drug research for new interventional treatments. He works with prominent Foundations, research and fundraising organizations and biotech pharmaceutical companies. He has co-authored numerous articles and abstracts on Parkinson’s research which have appeared in well-known journals, publications and conferences.  Gary is a co-author of the annual review “Parkinson’s Disease Drug Therapies in the Clinical Trial Pipeline,” published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease.

He was featured in the Foundation's “Navigating Clinical Trials” guide. Gary shares:

“Never doubt that everyday people like you and me are the most important part of the complex and expensive drug development process. Don’t believe me? Ask a scientist. They’ll tell you: All the research funding in the world doesn’t matter without the only people who can answer the question of whether the science is helping anyone — those living with the disease.”

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