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Parkinson's Research

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Read the latest developments, reporting and analysis from the world of Parkinson's research, including progress made in studies, tools and collaborations funded by The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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    News in Context: Could COVID-19 Cause Parkinson’s Disease?

    Report of one man who developed PD symptoms after COVID-19 has the Parkinson’s patient and researcher communities looking at the connection between these diseases.

  • Scion NeuroStim’s non-invasive neuromodulation device

    Research Brief: Harnessing Technology for Hard-to-Treat Symptoms

    Last year, we awarded $3 million in grants for research into how to apply technologies to address issues with gait and balance in Parkinson’s. Building on success of the program, we broadened the…

  • Ask the MD: What Is Lewy Body Dementia?

    Do Different Genders Experience Different Types of Parkinson’s?

    A paper exploring differences in Parkinson’s symptoms and progression between men and women was published in the journal Movement Disorders.

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    MJFF’s Annual Parkinson’s Course Goes Virtual to Educate Record Number of Clinicians

    MJFF recently hosted a virtual program, taught by field leaders and patients, to educate about Parkinson’s and encourage careers in the field.

  • Clinical Trial of Parkinson's Immunotherapy Now Recruiting

    Anxiety Drug Buspar May Be Effective but Not Well-tolerated in Parkinson’s, MJFF-Funded Trial Shows

    A small trial of the anxiety drug Buspar in people with Parkinson’s shows improved anxiety but toleration difficulties and increased motor symptoms.

  • Parkinson's Nilotinib Trial Enrolling Participants

    Research Roundup: Parkinson’s Clinical Trials Enrolling Participants

    Some clinical trials testing Parkinson’s treatments are recruiting volunteers again.

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