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Ask the MD

To help you and your loved ones navigate life with Parkinson's, a movement disorder specialist discusses Parkinson's research and care through blogs and videos.

Dr. Rachel Dolhun.

Meet Dr. Dolhun

Rachel Dolhun is a fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist, board-certified neurologist and vice president of medical communications at The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • Ask the MD: Living with Parkinson’s Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Ask the MD: Living with Parkinson’s Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Tips for managing Parkinson’s when life feels anything but usual.

  • Ask the MD: Vision and Parkinson's Disease

    Ask the MD: Parkinson’s Vision Changes Affect Daily Life

    Many people with Parkinson’s experience vision changes that impact daily activities, according to a new study.

  • Doctor walking with patients.

    Ask the MD: How a Sex Therapist Can Help in Parkinson’s

    Sexual problems are common in Parkinson’s, but they can be difficult to discuss. A sex therapist can help you navigate conversations and treatment options.

  • Podcast: Putting the Parkinson's Puzzle Together

    Pain and Parkinson’s (Ask the MD Podcast)

    Hear from our on-staff movement disorder specialist about the latest in Parkinson’s care and research.

  • Patient in Doctor's office.

    Ask the MD: Going Back to the Doctor’s Office to Learn from Patients

    Following a visit to movement disorder clinic, Dr. Dolhun reflects on how people with Parkinson’s and their families are at the center of her work.

  • Pain and Parkinson’s (Ask the MD Video)

    Pain can be part of Parkinson’s. There are different types, which have different causes and treatments. More from Dr. Dolhun in the latest Ask the MD video.

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