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Research Tools

High-quality research tools are vital for successful, reproducible science. The MJFF Research Tools Program works with the research community to understand the gaps in the research tool space, develop and distribute reagents and models to fill these gaps, and better understand the characteristics of available research tools.

The MJFF Research Tools Program

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    Research Tools Catalog

    The MJFF Research Tools Catalog is an interactive catalog that hosts all tools and models that MJFF makes available through our Research Tools Program, with links to the vendor websites for more information and ordering. 

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    Sponsored Tools Program

    MJFF works with researchers to transfer their tools and models to repositories for widespread distribution, thereby allowing scientists to spend more time on their research and less time on processing MTAs. 

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    Research Tools Consortium

    The MJFF Research Tools Program partners with small and large industry groups in our Research Tools Consortium. Members of the Consortium help shape program priorities and gather tool development updates through quarterly teleconferences. 

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    Parkinson's Pre-Clinical Models

    Choosing the right pre-clinical model for your research is essential for the success of your study. MJFF provides information on the various in vivo models used for Parkinson's disease research to help investigators understand the many options and select appropriate models. 

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    Research Tools FAQ

    Visit our FAQ page to see answers to common questions regarding the Research Tools Program. Don't see an answer to your question or want to contact us directly to suggest a tool for the MJFF Research Tools Program to develop? Email

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    Subscribe to the Newsletter

    Subscribe to the MJFF Researcher FoxFlash Newsletter to receive monthly updates on funding programs, MJFF research updates, and announcements on new tools available through the Research Tools program. 

MJFF Collaborations for Tool Standardization

MJFF partners with external groups to align scientists on the best tools for their research.

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    YCharOS Antibody Validation

    YCharOs is an open science company with the mission of characterizing commercially available antibody reagents using knockout controls. MJFF partnered with YCharOS to characterize antibodies to Parkinson's-related targets like LRRK2, VPS35, Parkin, PINK1, etc. Learn more about their efforts and find the antibody characterization results at

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    Alzforum Models Database

    MJFF has partnered with Alzforum on a freely accessible, interactive database that compares genetically modified pre-clinical models of Parkinson’s disease. This resource presents published phenotypic information across the lifespan of select models. Browse the Alzforum Parkinson's Disease Research Models database to learn more: 

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