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Study Recruitment

Clinical research studies need human volunteers. Our Foundation invests in infrastructure and resources to equip research teams with the tools to recruit and retain participants, driving more volunteers to studies and advancing our understanding and treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Fox Trial Finder

Fox Trial Finder, The Michael J. Fox Foundation's clinical study matching tool, helps connect study teams with volunteers who want to participate in research. The online tool allows volunteers to search and find studies they may be eligible to join and reach out to study teams directly.

Ready to start recruiting? Complete this form to connect to your trial on Fox Trial Finder and track volunteer referrals.

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Trial Resource Pack

MJFF has developed a Trial Resource Pack to furnish clinical trial teams with high quality tools to recruit and retain study participants.

Accelerating clinical trials. Best practices for recruitment and retention.

Best Practices for Recruitment and Retention

This best practices manual uses the participant journey as an organizing principle for optimizing clinical trial design, increasing awareness and enthusiasm for participation, and addressing frequently encountered challenges.

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

This suite includes patient-friendly tools that anyone designing a clinical study can customize and use to demystify research and present a study to the Parkinson's community. The toolkit includes 34 templates and guides for practical trial needs, such as marketing materials, informational one-pagers and other key tools, to support patient recruitment and retention. Download the full Recruitment and Retention Toolkit or select specific resources below.

Recruitment Toolkit

Generate knowledge of research participation and facilitate enrollment using the tools and resources in the dropdown categories below. 

  • Illustrated book.

    Educate about Research

    Explain clinical trials and the value of research participation to patients.

  • Illustrated megaphone.

    Generate Study Awareness

    Introduce your study to patient and clinician communities

  • Illustrated map.

    Guide through Consent

    Walk a potential study participant through study details and procedures

  • Retention Toolkit

    Engage and motivate participants from enrollment through study completion using the tools and resources in the dropdown categories below.

  • Illustrated list on document.

    Facilitate Study Participation

    Ease and simplify participation and minimize early study withdrawals

  • Illustrated chat bubbles.

    Communicate and Appreciate

    Report study progress and express appreciation for participation

  • Illustrated paper airplane.

    Share Study Results

    Provide study findings to sites, participants and referring physicians

  • Apply for a Grant

    Our funding programs support basic, translational and clinical research from academia and industry.

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