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Learn more about Parkinson's and managing disease with these books, products and organizations, suggested by our community.

  • Logo for Challenging Parkinson's

    Challenging Parkinson's

    Challenging Parkinson's is a site created by Team Fox member, Ned Neuhaus, to highlight the physical journey of people with Parkinson's, including himself. Forced movement exercise has been proven many times to be the best thing to help, and this is a site about staying active and continually challenging oneself and one's friends with PD to do everything in their power to slow PD’s control over them, including his personal journey with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).

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  • PD for Dummies Photo Cover.jpg

    Parkinson's Disease for Dummies: Second Edition

    Michele Tagliati, MD and Jo Horne, MA Foreword by MJFF CEO and Co-Founder Deborah W. Brooks.

    Whether the diagnosis is yours or that of a loved one, Parkinson's Disease for Dummies contains everything you need to know about living with this disease. This book is an easy-to-understand, straightforward, and sometimes humorous guide that offers proven techniques for coping with daily issues, finding the right doctors, and providing care as the disease progresses.

    (John Wiley & Sons, 2022)

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  • Together for Sharon logo

    Together for Sharon

    Together for Sharon is a movement to raise awareness and band together in search of a cure for Parkinson's disease. Started by a loving son's journey to keep the memory of his mom Sharon Riff Ackerman's memory alive, Together for Sharon helps spread awareness and educational resources for people and families impacted by the disease.

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  • The cover of Puck Farkinson's

    Puck Farkinson's: A Parkinson's Memoir

    Mike Justak

    Puck Farkinson's: A Parkinson's Memoir is an inspiring book by Mike Justak, who was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's disease at 47. This memoir showcases his resilience and determination in the face of the progressive disease, offering hope to readers.

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  • PD movers storybook.png

    The PD Movers - We Keep Moving Storybook

    Supported by Columbia University Irving Institute for Translational Science

    The PD Movers - We Keep Moving storybook is a compilation of narratives of African American and Black individuals and caregivers who are living and thriving with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Supported by Columbia University Irving Institute for Translational Science, the authors hope these stories will educate others by removing the mysteries and misconceptions of PD and provide useful resources regarding diagnosis and treatment to allow others to thrive with the disease.

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  • PD avengers logo.jpg

    PD Avengers

    The PD Avengers are a global alliance of people living with Parkinson’s, partners and friends, standing together demanding change in how the disease is seen and treated. As a patient led organization, the PD Avengers add urgency to research, wellness and advocacy by uniting people and organizations to the cause of ending Parkinson’s disease. Learn more at

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  • winter stars - now available - fox.jpg

    Winter Stars

    Dave Iverson

    MJFF founding Patient Council member Dave Iverson is a retired broadcast journalist, filmmaker, and the author of "Winter Stars: An Elderly Mother, an Aging Son and Life's Final Journey." Iverson’s memoir offers an intimate, unvarnished portrait of navigating life’s obstacles and caring for our loved ones.

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  • wellness principles_books resources.jpg

    The Wellness Principles: Cooking for a Healthy Life

    Gary Deng, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    From a world-renowned and beloved doctor, an accessible guide with 100 delicious tried-and-tested recipes for healthy living — to eat well, live well, and stay well. Tapping this holistic approach, The Wellness Principles also touches on healthy living beyond the plate through physical exercise, stress management, better sleep, and complementary therapies.

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  • semaphore.jpg


    Texts by Rebecca A. Senf, Torrance York

    After receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis, Torrance York focused her camera on the goal to integrate this life-altering information into her sense of self. In Semaphore, her response to this personal challenge, York presents a visual journey of poetic images that articulate the shift in her perspective post-diagnosis. York’s quiet, generous and luminous photographs bare human vulnerability, while inspiring optimism and connection. Semaphore includes 67 photographs and texts by York and Rebecca Senf, PhD. 

    Interested readers may preorder Semaphore and learn more about the artist at

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  • Image of elderly person with a young "pilot"

    Pilot to Co-pilot

    By Gloria Gottesman

    Gloria Gottesman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012. Wishing she’d had a positive way to explain Parkinson’s disease to her own grandchildren, she wrote a book, Pilot to Co-Pilot, for families to share with their children to take the scare out of Parkinson’s disease. The book is illustrated by her granddaughter, Ellie.

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