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Alpha-synuclein Post-translational Modification Quantification Program


This program seeks to establish robust methods and tools that can quantify the amount and regional distribution of post-translational modifications of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease-relevant brain regions.

Funding will support projects aimed to:  

  • Develop, characterize, and validate assays to accurately detect and quantify alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications (PTMs) reliably  

  • Optimize and refine reproducible protocols for the isolation of alpha-synuclein (soluble/insoluble) species from brain tissues and inclusions that preserve its biochemical diversity  

  • Use reproducible methods to develop quantitative maps of alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications in disease-relevant brain regions 

  • Utilize new technologies and/or cutting-edge methods to address previously intractable roadblocks 

When considering proposals submitted to this program, MJFF will prioritize projects and teams that: 

  • Have previously demonstrated success with techniques and technologies proposed for use 

  • Have assembled cross-disciplinary teams with relevant expertise  

  • Have access to post-mortem brain tissue containing relevant brain regions from subjects with Parkinson’s and age-matched controls 

  • Proposed the use of techniques and technologies that can be easily deployed in other laboratories 

  • Proposed the quantification of alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications across multiple stages of the disease  

  • Show willingness to collaborate with other teams and stakeholders for this program  

For this round, MJFF will not consider:  

  • Assessments of alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications in biofluids or non-CNS tissues.  

  • The study of alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications in pre-clinical or cellular models of Parkinson’s disease 

  • Purely qualitative assessments of alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications present in human brain tissue  

  • Development of antibodies or nanobodies toward alpha-synuclein post-translational modifications 

Email with questions.  

Watch a video on this funding program that covers our application and review processes. 

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