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Funding Opportunities

Analysis of Patient-Reported Outcomes from Fox Insight


This Request for Applications (RFA) seeks to fund analyses of the patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and genetic data collected through the Fox Insight study.

PROs collected in Fox Insight capture information on the lives experience of Parkinson’s that can transform therapeutic development, clinical care and public policy for people with the disease. Data from tens of thousands of people with and without Parkinson’s participating in the study provides the necessary power to generate new understanding of a heterogeneous disease. Investigators unfamiliar with Parkinson’s who present compelling proposals for methods may be paired with a Parkinson’s expert for contextualizing analysis to clinical practice. The dataset and additional resources are available in the Fox Insight Data Exploration Network (Fox DEN).

What Fits

Competitive applications will focus on studies that achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • Characterize disease progression for people with Parkinson’s
  • Evaluate the utility of different instruments and/or instrument sub-items in measuring burden of disease, especially in individuals within the first two (2) years of Parkinson’s diagnosis
  • Identify the role of pharmacological, medical device and/or non-medical interventions on managing Parkinson’s symptoms and long-term health outcomes
  • Predict the future health status of participants without Parkinson’s based on disease risk variables and model their likelihood of developing Parkinson’s
  • Determine elements of disease experience that drive patient preference and risk tolerance
  • Explore the factors that affect volunteer compliance and completeness of participation in an online study
  • Determine how economic factors, patient-physician communication and lifestyle factors influence medical treatment and long-term health outcomes in people with Parkinson’s
  • Analyst’s choice: Researchers can submit their own analysis topics based on available Fox Insight data especially as it relates to longitudinal analyses

This program is not appropriate for studies that require additional or prospective data collection.

Informational Webinar

Watch our informational webinar on-demand to learn more about our Foundation's funding strategy and opportunities, and the application and review processes. Watch now.

Application Process

  1. Download the RFA and application template.
  2. Log in or create account in the grant application portal.
  3. Submit your completed application.

Please note we made changes to our publication and indirect costs policies in early 2020. Review the updated Application Guidelines and the new open access publication policy for complete details. Contact with questions about the RFA, application process, or these policies. 

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