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Cell-to-Cell Transport of Alpha-Synuclein

This grant builds upon the research from a prior grant: The Transfer of Alpha-Synuclein: Mechanistic and Therapeutic Studies

Study Rationale:                   
In Parkinson’s disease, the protein alpha-synuclein changes shape, and we think it transfers around the brain. We want to see if we can recreate this in non-human primates.

We are testing the hypothesis that we can get alpha-synuclein to transfer from site to site around the primate brain.

Study Design:
Eight models will be part of this study. Four will receive alpha-synuclein and four will receive placebo. After six months we will examine the model brain and analyze protein transference.

Impact on Diagnosis/Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease:             
This understanding will provide a model for which therapeutic strategies based upon the transfer of this modified protein can be tested.

Next Steps for Development:
We will use this model to test novel therapies aimed at preventing the transfer of alpha-synuclein around the brain.


  • Jeffrey H. Kordower, PhD

    Tempe, AZ United States

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