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Parkinson's Disease Clinical Therapeutics Pipeline Program


This program seeks to accelerate clinical therapeutic development of interventions that may reduce, slow or prevent disabling motor or non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease not well managed by current treatments.

Funding will support clinical projects aimed at progressing promising interventions with strong preclinical packages into/through initial clinical assessment exploring pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, safety/tolerability, or early proof of clinical efficacy. 

MJFF will prioritize proposals with the strongest translational potential, therapeutic rationale and patient value, fulfilling the following criteria: 

  • Selected therapeutic target/pathway or mechanism shows a strong biological rationale to be pursued as a therapeutic target in PD.  

  • The proposal emphasizes a translational biomarker development plan (where applicable), including measures to monitor target engagement/modulation, hypothesized mechanism of action and patient enrichment measures that can improve clinical trial design to de-risk further development. 

  • The proposal has a patient centered approach incorporating patient voice in the clinical development plan.   

For this round, MJFF will not consider:  

  • Pre-clinical applications.
  • Applications for target identification, proposing early discovery studies to identify new targets. 

  • Applications testing tool compounds or biological manipulations with no viable path for further drug optimization/development.   

The Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Therapeutics Pipeline Program works in two stages with the goal of offering applicants frequent chances to propose promising therapeutics: 

  1. Applicants may submit a pre-proposal application at any time for initial consideration by MJFF within three weeks from submissions.  

  2. Applicants whose pre-proposal is selected for further consideration will be invited to submit a full proposal to one of our upcoming review cycles, at least six weeks from the date of invitation. 

Applicants will be notified of a decision within 3 months of the full proposal submission period. Office hours are available for applicants invited to submit a full proposal to discuss program fit and proposal development.  

NOTE: Applicants are permitted to submit multiple, unique therapeutic pre-proposals but should NOT submit multiple pre-proposals supporting different stages or aspects of the same therapeutic development program. Applicants are also permitted and encouraged to re-submit a revised pre-proposal that addresses prior feedback provided by MJFF, if applicable. 

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