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2021 MVP Awards

Welcome to our virtual MVP experience. Click the tabs below to fully explore and celebrate the accomplishments of our 2020 fundraising communities!

See Your Impact

Each year, The Michael J. Fox Foundation recognizes top fundraising members from the year prior through an MVP Awards Ceremony. Following this year's virtual event, we're excited to bring you even more highlights from 2020 in an effort to continue showcasing the incredible impact that YOU - our MVP fundraising community - had on accelerating Parkinson's research.

2020 was an unprecedented year, but you showed up hungrier than ever to keep progress moving forward. We can't thank you enough for showing the world that a future without Parkinson's is possible, because with your partnership, it's already started: HERE. 

Debi Brooks Message

A Note from Our Co-Founder

"Team Fox is phenomenal. You took on the challenge of fundraising in a global pandemic, and created tangible returns for everyone living with PD. But that’s just the start. You expanded friendships and support systems that now stretch across the nation and beyond. You are the Fox Foundation’s living message of hope and progress."

- Debi Brooks, Co-Founder, The Michael J. Fox Foundation

The Year in Numbers

It takes a village to raise $8.4 million in one calendar year! Take a look at the many people, places and events that made up our grassroots fundraising community in 2020.   

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Photos and Videos

Thank you to the many members and teams who submitted their foxiest moments from 2020. Your spirit, smiles and accomplishments are infectious!

Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to view videos submitted from our fundraising community. 

  • West Virginia Fox Trot, George Manahan

  • New England Parkinson's Ride, Team Woods, Cindy Woods Theberge

  • Virtual 5K/10K, Team Marasco, Carly Marasco

  • Dancing for Parkinson's, Lauren Carlson

  • TCS New York City Marathon, Will Clansky

  • Kids Film It Festival, Ryan Levine

  • Burpees for a Breakthrough, Team PAPA D, Morris Family

  • Box 4 Bucks, Sheryl Lowenhar

  • Peloton 4 Parkinson's, Eric Tostrud

  • Pedaling 4 Parkinson's, Jackie Williams

  • Foxy Gala, Team Fox New York City Young Professionals, Vikas Mohindra

  • TCS New York City Marathon, Ross Veder

  • Virtual Tour de Fox, Team Friel, Kathe Friel

  • Golf for the Cure, Harmon Family

  • Row to Slow PD, Ned Nehaus and Katie Kleist

  • Uncorking a Cure, Bill Bucklew

  • TCS New York City Marathon, Team Imagine Create Cure, Joyce Chu

  • Shake and Freeze, Jeanne Quinn

  • Bags Bingo, Kathy Holden

  • New York City Half Marathon, Jeffrey Prosserman

  • Shuck It Parkinson's, Sue Bilotta

  • Drive Away Parkinson's, Charlene Lee

  • Beauty and the Beast Hike, Christie Brooks

MVP Recognition

As Team Fox MVPs, you each have distinguished yourselves as expert fundraisers by raising $10,000 or more to speed Parkinson's research. However, you are also leaders and role models within your communities by raising critical awareness and advocacy for the importance of this work. We can't thank you enough for being champions of The Michael J. Fox Foundation in all that you do! 

2021 Virtual MVP Awards Ceremony

Tune in to relive and re-watch our virtual MVP program inclusive of community testimonials, VIP guest speakers, 2020 highlights, and a countdown of our top fundraisers of 2020!

2021 MVP List 

Congratulations to every one of our 2021 MVPs. Your unwavering enthusiasm, dedication and creativity continue to inspire our work — and the broader Parkinson’s community — every day. Thank you. 

View the 2021 MVP List

  • top 10 trophy

    Top 10 Fundraisers

    1.  New England Parkinson's Ride
    The Woods Family → $1,151,996

    2.  The Yudowitz Family
    Anne Yudowitz → $400,000

    3.  Jack Taylor's Alexandria Toyota
    Jack Taylor → $370,767

    4.  Team PAPA D Virtual Workout Competition
    Julie and Dan Morris/Team PAPA D → $257,568

    5.  Detroit Gala for Parkinson's Research
    Team Fox Detroit → $228,390

    6.  Danville D'Elegance
    Chris and Jim Edlund → $205,684

    7.  Bipartisan Cause for a Parkinson's Cure
    Matt Keswick and Justin Griffin → $142,554

    8.  Foxy Gala and Sunday Funday
    Team Fox Young Professionals of New York City → $136,483

    9.  Tour de Fox Ride From Anywhere
    Team Rowland → $129,802

    10.  Together Making Changes
    Therapy Management Corporation → $126,695

  • The 100k Club

    We’d also like to recognize the following members, events and teams whose incredible efforts and success each raised an outstanding $100,000+ in 2020.  Congratulations to all:

    • Nicole Jarvis, MD
      Nicole Jarvis, MD Parkinson's Research Foundation→ $115,250
    • Toni & Gary Palumbo*
      Swing for the Cure → $100,100
    • Alexandra Cherubini & Camilo Alvarez
      Shuck Parkinson's → $100,000

    *First time member of the $100k+ Club! 

Until Next Year
Team Fox Event

To our MVP honorees,

We hope you have enjoyed this Virtual MVP Awards Experience. While we cherish the opportunity for an evening spent celebrating and connecting in person, the reality is that our teams are motivated by your outstanding efforts all year long. Your dedication, creativity and optimism never fail to amaze us and, despite the many curveballs thrown our way, 2020 was full of moments to cheer and toast.

We look forward to the day when we can properly thank you again, in person. Until then, please know that our staff and leadership remain your biggest cheerleaders,  and your continued efforts to advance Parkinson’s research do not go unnoticed. Even in the face of unimaginable obstacles, this community drives impactful progress toward a cure. Already, so many of you have found ways to maintain this momentum in 2021, but there’s more work ahead. 

As we look toward the second half of the year, there are ample opportunities for you to continue raising critical funds and awareness for Parkinson's research. 


  • Start Your Campaign. Inspired to host another event? Renew your registration today to launch your 2021 fundraising page. 
  • Support Local. Keep an eye on our Find an Event Calendar to discover fellow members in your area and events to attend or virtually support. 
  • Lace or Gear Up. Registration is now open for this summer's Tour de Fox: Ride Anywhere cycling series campaign and our Fall5K/10K/Half Marathon weekend. Gather some friends, form a team, and customize these events to your preferred speed and style. 

As MJFF Co-Founder Debi Brooks highlighted during our MVP Awards program, the power of community is limitless - and it's going to take all of us to achieve our goal. Beyond fundraising, there are other ways you can play a vital role in curing Parkinson's. Whether you fill out a screener form for our Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative - MJFF's landmark study that needs people with and without PD - or sign up for our new Parkinson's Buddy Network - an online community for people living with PD and their loved ones - we hope you'll stay involved. 

The Michael J. Fox Foundation remains optimistic about the future of Parkinson’s disease research, especially with this community by our side. Even in the face of a global pandemic, you continue to innovate, engage and assist one another. And in turn, we promise to continue to support you in any way we can. At The Michael J. Fox Foundation, we know that a future without Parkinson’s is possible; and with your partnership, it starts HERE.

With gratitude

Liz Diemer
Director, Team Fox & Community Events

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