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5 Tips for Making Personal Hygiene Easier with Parkinson's Disease

5 Tips for Making Personal Hygiene Easier with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease motor symptoms can make personal hygiene more difficult. If symptoms like tremor and dyskinesia are getting in the way of a bright smile or trim beard, these suggestions from our community can help.

Looking for more advice? Our community also shared tips on making other daily tasks simpler for people with Parkinson's.

1. Brush your teeth while listening to music. For some people with Parkinson's disease, music can help calm a resting tremor or break a freezing spell. Listening to music while brushing teeth can help you get into a rhythm that makes the movement easier.

2. Invest in an electric toothbrush and shaver. While a bit pricier than manual toothbrushes, going electric can make teeth brushing much easier. Electric shavers are also simpler to use.

3. Talk to your doctor or dentist about prescription toothpaste. Parkinson's disease medications can cause dry mouth, and one commenter said that a toothpaste his doctor recommended helps.

4. Sit while you brush or shave. Set up a mirror at chair level. Some find that balancing arms on a chair can also help with shaving as well as hair grooming and teeth brushing.

5. Find a balance between maintaining independence and asking for help if you need it. Our community reports that figuring out ways to complete a task on their own in a new way helps them stay sharp. At the same time, if you live with someone or have a caregiver, ask for help if you need it. 

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