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5 Ways to Organize Your Parkinson’s Disease Care

5 Ways to Organize Your Parkinson’s Disease Care

With various medications, doctor appointments and other obligations, there can be a lot of keep track of when it comes to Parkinson's disease care. If you only see your neurologist or specialist every few months, it can also be challenging to accurately capture your experience with symptoms over time and have the most helpful conversation.

Our community shared tips on keeping track of treatments and appointments, as well as symptoms and moods to stay on track and have better conversations with your doctor.

1. Find a pill box that works for your schedule. There are options for separating out four doses a day, as well as for scheduling alarms.

2. Have a backup plan. Write appointments in your calendar as well as set alarms on your phone. One commenter even keeps reminders on the floor where he's sure he won't miss them!

3. Try technology. If you're digitally-savy, experiment with programs that allow you to access files across different devices. That way, you'll be sure to have them for your next appointment.

4. Chart your symptoms to have a more productive conversation with your doctor. Our guest blogger Bev Ribaudo suggests making a chart of the symptoms you experience every hour, for about a week before your appointment. 

5. Take notes at your doctor's appointment and bring them to your next appointment, too.

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