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“Back to the Future” Stars and Team Fox Unite for Movie-Inspired Week-Long Fundraiser

“Back to the Future” Stars and Team Fox Unite for Movie-Inspired Week-Long Fundraiser

    Back to the Future (BTTF) fans and the Parkinson’s community unite for a week-long fundraiser in Chatham, Massachusetts to support the programs of The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Organized by Jeff Ippoliti, owner of Chatham Inn at 359 Main, “Back to the Future” week hosted special appearances by Bob Gale, co-writer and producer of Back to the Future, and actor Christopher Lloyd who played Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown in all three films.

The iconic Back to the Future films inspired the various fundraising events throughout the week, including sold-out dinners and movie screenings. Longtime Team Fox members Oliver and Terry Holler were also present and brought their famed DeLorean to help raise additional funds with DeLorean car rides and photo opportunities.

A highlight of the week, attendees were treated to a screening of the first BTTF film in the franchise followed by a Q&A session with Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale. It was the ultimate fan experience! To commemorate the films and their friendship with Michael, Lloyd and Gale each generously donated $5,000 to the Foundation. All said, this unforgettable week raised nearly $44,000 for Team Fox! Read additional coverage of the week-long fundraiser and the BTTF Q&A session in The Cape Cod Chronicle.

Interested in hosting a BTTF-inspired event of your own? Join Team Fox today!


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