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  • Dataset Overview

    The Fox Investigation for New Discovery of Biomarkers (BioFIND) is an observational clinical study designed to discover and verify biomarkers of Parkinson's disease. This cross-sectional study was sponsored by MJFF with support from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. BioFIND followed standardized data acquisition protocols to ensure that tests and assessments conducted at multiple sites can be pooled. 

  • Data Characteristics

    Study Subjects:

    • 119 well-defined, moderately advanced Parkinson's patients and 96 healthy controls

    Available Data:

    • Clinical: motor, non-motor (cognitive, neurobehavioral, neuropsychological, autonomic, sleep)
    • Genetic: whole genome sequencing, blood transcriptomics
    • Biologic: e.g. spinal fluid alpha-synuclein, amyloid-beta, tau, phosphorylated tau levels
  • Associated Data Distribution Platforms

    Clinical data from the BioFIND study is available through the BioFIND Data Repository at Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI).

  • AMP PD Knowledge Platform

    Genetic and clinical data collected through BioFIND is also harmonized with data from several other large studies and made available through the Accelerating Medicines Partnership Parkinson’s disease (AMP PD) Knowledge Platform.

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