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The Courage to Change: An Essay on Mindfulness and Action

New Law Aims to Better Support Care Partners

"Physical, moral, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social courage — they are what collectively help you wake up and do the hard business of being present daily.”

For Taryn Fixel, finding empowerment as a care partner  ̶  and for her father who has been living with Parkinson’s disease for more than 20 years  ̶  came through self-reflection and designing activities, drawn from different sources, to target each aspect for courage and to find strength in her daily life and even through the effects of the pandemic.

“Replacing fear of the new with joy for what is, or excitement for what can be, helps me accept the present and be open to the truth: tomorrow is supposed to be different and I am responsible for being different within it.”

Read Taryn’s full essay here.

And hear from Taryn and other panelists on our Third Thursdays Webinar, Calling All Care Partners: Managing Disease and Burnout in 2020. Individuals with different perspectives offer practical tips for managing care and burnout in an unprecedented year and beyond.

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