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Genetics and Parkinson's: Efforts to Study the Role of Genetics in PD

The exact cause of Parkinson's disease is unknown, although research points to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Genetic targets allow scientists to study important mechanisms underlying disease onset and progression for everyone, not just those with genetic mutations implicated in PD.

Genetic research is critical to increasing understanding of PD, and developing breakthrough treatments for the disease.  Specific studies focused on genetic targets like alpha-synuclein, a protein whose clumping is the pathological hallmark of PD, and LRRK2, the most common genetic contributor discovered to date, could speed progress toward treatments for everyone with PD, not just those with genetic mutations.

Fox Trial Finder includes several genetics studies seeking individuals who know their genetic status, as well as those who don’t. Controls are also needed for many genetic trials. As a Fox Trial Finder volunteer, it’s important to indicate your genetic status in your profile to be considered for these studies. If you haven’t answered this question, please log in and update your profile today.

A sampling of research studying the way LRRK2 influences Parkinson’s include:

PROGENI Family Study

PD/Ashkenazi Jews and LRRK2 Consortium

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