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The Genetics of Parkinson’s Disease: On Demand!

Upset that you missed last Tuesday’s webinar on the genetics of Parkinson’s disease (PD)?  No problem! Thanks to new Michael J. Fox Foundation technology, you can now watch the webinar when you want to, on demand.

Topics covered during the webinar include:

•       Genetics 101

•       The role of genetics in Parkinson’s

•       Priority PD genes: LRRK2 and Alpha-synuclein

•       How you can help

Presenters Tatiana Foroud, PhD, of Indiana University, and Fox Foundation Vice President of Research Programs Brian Fiske, PhD also answered participant questions.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Q&A where Foroud will answer more questions submitted following the webinar.

And for those looking to dig deeper, check out this podcast addressing some of the ethical questions surrounding the decision to get genetically tested.


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