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Get Moving with Ellen Maguire

Get Moving with Ellen Maguire

In this ongoing series, people living with Parkinson’s disease share their passion and how this activity is improving their outlook.

Ellen Maguire

Madison, Connecticut

What’s your passion? A year ago I started working with stained glass, using glass from old windows I’ve salvaged. It brings me such joy to see the light shining through a piece I’ve created and to share it with others. My husband, Mike, built a studio for me — called the Grout Grotto — and I spend 15 to 20 hours in it each week.

How does it help you? I feel lucky to have found my passion. It absolutely improves my quality of life and provides me with such a feeling of accomplishment. As with anything, I’ve learned to organize it to suit my on/off periods — doing the tricky work when I’m on and saving the easier tasks for when I’m not. 

Is this a new pursuit for you? I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts, but had never pursued one art form like this before.

What else helps? I’m part of a small support group, and I’m grateful to have people in my world with PD. But I’m not about to let Parkinson’s stop me from doing the things I love — like gardening, cooking and traveling. Although I’ve never enjoyed exercise, I stay active, eat a healthy diet, and stay up to date on the latest research.

How do you think/able? I don’t give into PD and I’m not concerned with what others think or say. Everyone has something that’s a struggle. Keep pushing yourself and incorporate something into your every day that brings you joy.

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