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Half-Time with Kristina

Half-Time with Kristina

I had such a great run that I felt it deserved a blog post! I really enjoy when I have a great run. My confidence goes up, I feel great and I immediately am convinced that I can run 13.1 miles in a decent time. I ultimately would love to beat my time last year, but I'm not going to push it. I find if I don't think about running while I'm running (if that makes sense) I almost go on cruise control. Does anyone know what I'm talking about it? It's the craziest feeling. I ran 3 miles without stopping and even ran a little faster than usual. So naturally on my way home I picked up a congratulatory treat.  Can you blame me? Look how good that thing looks! I hope everyone's training is going well! Don't forget that I'm here if you have any questions or need a pep talk. If you live in NYC, shoot me an email at and maybe we can do a group run!

Orange & red,


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