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Levodopa Response Study

Dataset Overview

The Michael J. Fox Foundation-funded Levodopa Response Study was designed to assess the feasibility of using wearable sensor data to estimate clinically relevant measures of the severity of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, including motor symptom fluctuation. Subjects were recruited from two clinical sites, and monitored both in-clinic, while performing motor assessments, and at home while performing daily activities. 

  • Data Characteristics

    Study Subjects:

    • 30 participants
    • People with Parkinson's 

    Available Data:

    • Participant demographic and clinical data, including MDS-UPDRS
    • Sensor data from the different devices, as well as clinical scores and metadata related to the tasks performed
    • Participant diaries collected during the in-clinic and at-home phases of the study
  • Associated Data Distribution Platform

    Data collected through the Levodopa Response Study is available to researchers through the Synapse platform.

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