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Pick Sam Fox's Next Extreme Fundraising Adventure

Pick Sam Fox's Next Extreme Fundraising Adventure

Sam Fox (middle) running with fellow Team Fox members at last year's Hamptons Hundred Miler event.

Sam Fox, the Foundation’s community and engagement officer, announced last night at SXSW’s “Powering Cures with Pure Human Endurance” panel plans for his next extreme fundraising feat. And he needs your help!

In 2011, Sam ran one and half marathons a day for 65 days when he covered the Pacific Crest Trail from the Canadian to Mexican border. As a Team Fox member, he raised over $150,000 in honor of his mother, Lucy, who has Parkinson’s. Last July, he raised another $45,000 for MJFF by running more than 100 miles in a single day from Manhattan’s Times Square to Southampton, New York.

This year he leaves the fate of his next challenge in your hands. Starting today until March 31, submit your most economical and out-of-the-box ideas and put Sam’s adventurous spirit to the test.

Should he scale all Seven Summits in a year? Swim 300 miles across Lake Michigan? Climb the tallest building in every state in under a month?

While we'd love to send Sam biking in outer space or diving the Titanic wreck, some things are out of reach for our highly cost-conscious Foundation. But don’t let that limit your creativity.

There is one catch to submitting an idea. Whatever it may be, Sam wants you to join him — virtually or physically. Stay tuned as we announce his next crowd-sourced challenge during Parkinson’s Awareness Month (April) and see how you can help speed a cure for PD.

Spread the word about Sam’s challenge by inviting friends and family to submit their ideas or vote for their favorites at or by tweeting #GoSamGo to @MichaelJFoxOrg.

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