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PPMI RNA Sequencing Project

  • Dataset Overview

    The PPMI RNA Sequencing Project has generated overview transcriptomics data from raw sequencing reads of PPMI whole blood samples. This unique resource provides insight into expression changes associated with Parkinson’s disease, its underlying pathology, and potential targets for therapy. Researchers can survey the data using the RNA-SEQ Data Explorer tool; download pre-analyzed, quality-controlled data; and/or request access to the raw (FASTQ & BAM) sequencing files for re-analysis.

  • Data Characteristics

    Study subjects: 

    • 1,600

    Available data:

    • Genetic: Blood transcriptomics
  • Associated Data Distribution Platform

    Data collected through the PPMI RNA Sequencing Project is available in the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) Data Repository, a robust data resource widely used to assist in the design of Parkinson's clinical trials.

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