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Study of Drug to Treat Constipation Now Enrolling Patients

Study of Drug to Treat Constipation Now Enrolling Patients

Constipation is a non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s disease that causes great discomfort and can decrease the body’s ability to absorb medicine used to treat the disease.

A new study now enrolling patients is testing a drug to treat chronic constipation in Parkinson’s patients.

The MOVE-PD study — led by Dr. Ronald Pfeiffer of the Parkinson Study Group and supported by The Michael J. Fox Foundation — is now recruiting at sites in:

  • Englewood, Colorado
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Scarborough, Maine
  • East Lansing, Michigan
  • West Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Rochester, New York

Additional sites at the following locations will start recruiting soon:

  • Summit, New Jersey
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Parkinson’s patients not satisfied with current treatment for chronic constipation will receive both a placebo and the drug RM-131 over the course of the study. They’ll submit daily diaries on bowel habits and abdominal symptoms and undergo clinical assessment at five study visits.

The investigators hope to show that RM-131 improves the symptoms of constipation in Parkinson’s disease, especially among patients who do not respond to other treatments.

Learn more about this study.

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