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Upcoming Hot Topics Webinar: The Future of Trophic Factors

Upcoming Hot Topics Webinar: The Future of Trophic Factors

Last week, we reported on disappointing results from Ceregene’s second Phase 2 trial of CERE-120, an experimental gene therapy treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD). CERE-120 was designed to deliver neurturin, a specialized protein known as a trophic factor, into the brain. The hope was that it might heal diseased brain cells, helping to slow the progression of the disease.

But CERE-120 did not reach its primary endpoint in this study, unfortunate news which makes it unclear if it will remain in development.

Next week, we invite you to learn more about the future of CERE-120, and trophic factors on the whole. Join the conversation on May 1st at noon ET by signing up for our breaking news Webinar “The Future of Trophic Factors,” with MJFF Chief Scientific Advisor/neurturin co-discoverer Gene Johnson, PhD, William Marks, MD, of the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, and MJFF CEO Todd Sherer, PhD.

MJFF Contributing Editor Dave Iverson will host, and a Q&A with participants will follow.

Please register to participate!

You can learn more ahead of the 1st by reading our News in Context report with Johnson and Jamie Eberling, PhD, senior associate director of research programs at MJFF. 

And check out past Hot Topics content covering a variety of subject matter related to PD research. 

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