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The Fox Focus on Parkinson's newsletter, published twice a year, provides an update to our community on Foundation activities and what's happening in the world of Parkinson's research. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the print issue, email

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    The New Biological Era of Parkinson’s: What’s Next for Research (Fall/Winter 2023)

    What does the new biological era of Parkinson’s mean, and what’s next – for research, and for those living with the disease? Learn more in this issue.

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    Groundbreaking Discovery Confirms a New Parkinson’s Biomarker (Spring/Summer 2023)

    Read about the new Parkinson’s biomarker, plus get inspired by stories of our community in action to find a cure.

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    The Quest to Detect and Measure Parkinson's: A Major Step Forward (Fall/ Winter 2022)

    Read about how the 13-year journey to visualize alpha-synuclein — “the Parkinson’s protein” — in the living brain has resulted in a major step toward an imaging tool for PD. Plus, learning about…

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    The Fox Focus on Parkinson’s: PPMI — The Study that Could Change Everything

    In our Fox Focus on Parkinson’s: PPMI Special Edition newsletter, The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) looks at our landmark study — its growth since first launching in 2010 and how…

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    The Power of Community: From PPMI to Our Buddy Network (Spring/Summer 2021)

    The role of people and families with Parkinson’s disease (PD) has never been more important to our mission. Learn how the power of community is moving Parkinson’s research forward and how it will…

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    From Science to Solutions HERE (Fall/Winter 2020)

    Learn how MJFF and the Parkinson’s community are collaborating and connecting to problem-solve, adapt and move forward together with an MJFF-funded study of how patients talk about their disease, the…

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    Fox Insight: Tens of Thousands Accelerating Research from Home (Spring/Summer 2020)

    Learn how today, nearly 50,000 people are moving research forward from the comfort of their own households with Fox Insight, our online long-term clinical study. Also read about the Foundation's…

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Breaking Research Updates

Read the latest developments in the field’s understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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