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Podcast: Treating Parkinson's 'Off' Episodes

Ask MJFF Anything: Your Questions for Our Scientists

2023 has been a big year so far for Parkinson’s research. With a groundbreaking biomarker discovery announced in April, there were lots of questions from our community that came with it. Tune in as our expert panelists tackle community questions about the breakthrough and dive in to the latest in PD research. 

Maggie Kuhl, Vice President of Research Communications at MJFF, sits down with Mark Frasier, PhD and Brian Fiske, PhD, Chief Science Officers at MJFF, in an “Ask MJFF Anything” edition of MJFF’s award-winning “Parkinson’s Science POV” podcast series. This special podcast kicks off with a discussion on the biomarker breakthrough and Frasier explains how optimistic he is that this breakthrough will accelerate the progress of developing new, effective treatments.  

"It's exciting to see more of these types of approaches now. A few years ago, we had nothing out there like this. Now, we’ll see more innovation happening as people figure out how to turn these into simple tests, like in blood,” Fiske adds.  

Beyond the breakthrough, our panel helps bring some clarity to commonly asked questions. A rapid-fire Q&A round covers topics such as: 

  • Sleep and how it contributes to healthy aging. 

  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) – what it is and how it helps manage PD. 

  • Exercise and how it can improve balance. 

  • The microbiome and how PD impacts the balance of the gut. 

  • Stem cells and the optimistic research around them. 

Panelists also share how data through MJFF’s Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) study led to the breakthrough and can help researchers make accurate diagnoses sooner. PPMI is currently enrolling participants for this new era of research; you can find out more at

Host: Maggie Kuhl, Vice President, Research Communications, MJFF  


  • Brian Fiske, PhD, Chief Science Officer, MJFF 

  • Mark Frasier, PhD, Chief Science Officer, MJFF 

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