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Podcast: Treating Parkinson's 'Off' Episodes

Ask Us Anything: Answers to Your Questions about Gut Health and Parkinson’s (Webinar Audio)

People living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) have lots of questions about probiotics, prebiotics, laxatives and fiber. That’s because constipation and bloating are some of the more bothersome but less talked-about symptoms of PD. In this audio from our Third Thursdays Webinar, experts and people with PD answer the questions many people are reluctant to ask their doctors, even when so many people experience the same gut-related symptoms. You’ll also learn about emerging treatments for constipation, the gut-brain connection and why gut health is linked to Parkinson’s. 

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In this webinar, Rachel Dolhun, MD, DipABLM, MJFF senior vice president of medical communications, leads a discussion with panelists:   

  • Wael El-Nachef, MD, PhD, gastroenterologist and researcher and founder of the Parkinson’s Disease Gastrointestinal Clinic in Pasadena, California 

  • Claudia Revilla, member of MJFF Patient Council 

  • Brian Duggan, founder of Citizen Science for Health and participant in the Parkinson’s Progression Marker Initiative (PPMI) 

View a transcript of this podcast. 

For more information, read a guest blog from panelist Wael El-Nachef, MD, PhD, on gastrointestinal problems, probiotics and more, watch the Ask the MD video on gut health and download our Diet and Brain Health Guide.  

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