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Podcast: Treating Parkinson's 'Off' Episodes

Genetics and Parkinson’s: Understanding the Role of Gene Therapy in a Cure (Webinar Audio)

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about gene therapy, but also a lot of confusion. What exactly is gene therapy and how does it work? Who is a candidate for gene therapy? And the big question: When might we see a gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease? 

In this audio from our Third Thursdays Webinar, our expert panelists offer straightforward information to help us understand gene therapy, the role of genetic testing and what to expect from gene therapy clinical trials in Parkinson’s. We also hear from a person with Parkinson’s and her husband about their research involvement, including their consideration of a gene therapy trial.  

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In this podcast, moderator Maggie Kuhl, vice president for research communications at MJFF, leads a discussion with panelists: 

  • Christine Klein, MD, professor of neurology and neurogenetics, University of Lübeck, Germany 
  • Bradford Casey, PhD, senior associate director, research programs, MJFF 
  • Pola Sussman, a person with Parkinson’s, and her husband, Rich Sussman, who have joined multiple studies and considered a trial of Parkinson’s gene therapy  

View a transcript of this podcast. 

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