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Podcast: The Decision to Get Genetically Tested

Podcast: The Decision to Get Genetically Tested

Emerging evidence over the past 15 years has led researchers to believe that genetics plays a far greater role in Parkinson’s disease (PD) than was once thought.  Today, scientists are digging deeper than ever before, with the hope of translating a greater understanding of PD genetics into treatment breakthroughs for everyone with the disease.

Of course, conducting genetic research requires willing volunteers.  People with Parkinson’s and their loved ones can play a critical role to this end, primarily by being genotyped and participating in clinical research.

The decision to participate in genetic research is a nontrivial one, and should be made with care, and in consultation with one’s family and caregiver team.

In this podcast, Michael J. Fox Foundation Patient Council member Dave Iverson addresses some of the questions that people may have surrounding this decision with Phil Reilly, MD, JD, a past president of the American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics.  One question: Can the results of a genetic test put your insurance or job status at risk?

If you have PD, you are entitled to a free lifetime membership to 23andMe, and will receive detailed, personalized reports indefinitely through the 23andMe Personal Genome Service. You can also share your experiences directly with others in the online community.

Along with genetic testing, learn what other clinical trials for which you might be eligible by creating a profile at Fox Trial Finder, the Foundation's clinical trial matching tool. And if you know your genetic status, be sure to answer the question about genetic testing.

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