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Podcast: Measuring Feeling and Functional Impact of Dyskinesia

Podcast: Measuring Feeling and Functional Impact of Dyskinesia

In our latest podcast Christopher Goetz, MD, of Rush University in Chicago discusses the Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale. He led the development of the scale -- funded in part by The Michael J. Fox Foundation -- which measures the impact of dyskinesia including patient perceptions. Dyskinesia is uncontrolled movement that is a side effect of Parkinson's progression and long-term use of levodopa.

"If there was water spilled but it didn't impact the patient, then it's rated as a lower level," Dr. Goetz says. "It's a different view but an important difference because we want the patient's perceptions of how dyskinesia is affecting activities of daily living."

Our host and MJFF contributing editor Dave Iverson also spoke to Rajiv Patni, MD, chief medical officer at Adamas. His company used the Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale to assess its drug Gocovri, which the Food and Drug Administration recently approved for levodopa-induced dyskinesia.

"As drug developers, trying to develop medicines that hopefully provide a meaningful benefit to patients with a particular condition, the mandate is that Drug X has to make a patient feel better, function better or live longer ... The beauty of the Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale is that it's a measure of feeling and function," says Dr. Patni.

Adamas also used MJFF's study matching tool Fox Trial Finder to connect with participants who helped test Gocovri.

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The Michael J. Fox Foundation is grateful to The Edmond J. Safra Foundation for its support of the dyskinesia rating scale that helped bring this treatment to people with Parkinson's.

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