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Podcast: Parkinson’s Cognitive Issues and Treatment

Podcast: Parkinson’s Cognitive Issues and Treatment

They may be the symptoms people with Parkinson's worry about most: cognitive impairment and dementia. They also are the subject of much research to better understand the cause of cognitive issues and to offer new treatments.

Register for our August 20 webinar on Parkinson’s cognitive symptoms.

In our latest podcast Jamie Eberling, PhD, MJFF senior associate director of research programs who leads our cognition portfolio, speaks to contributing editor Dave Iverson about the changes that can occur and the available therapies.

“Some of those symptoms are similar to what you see in Alzheimer’s disease, like memory problems, but some of them are a little different. Those include difficulty with attention, difficulty with planning and organizing activities, difficulty in solving problems and sort of a slowing in thinking,” Dr. Eberling says.

She’ll join other panelists in our next Third Thursdays Webinar on August 20 at 12 p.m. ET. Register today to learn more about what we know about Parkinson’s cognitive impairment and dementia and what research is ongoing toward new therapies.

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