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Podcast: A Vaccine Approach to Treating Parkinson's Disease

This past October, Austrian biotech AFFiRiS announced $1.5 million in funding from MJFF for an early stage clinical trial of a first-of-its-kind vaccine approach to treating Parkinson's disease (PD), called PD01. Then, in November, the company announced 30 million Euros in additional funding from two investors to develop its portfolio of PD and Alzheimer’s vaccines.

In this podcast, Dave Iverson speaks with AFFiRiS’ Chief Medical Officer Achim Schneeberger about  PD01, and how it could work to break up the clumps of the protein alpha-synuclein that occur in the brains of those with PD.  The hope is that, in so doing, the treatment could modify the course of the disease itself.

Update: Read about the Phase I trial safety results, shared July 31, 2014.

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