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Podcast: Treating Parkinson's 'Off' Episodes

Too Much or Not Enough: Dyskinesia and “Off” Time in Parkinson's (Webinar Replay)

In this replay of audio from our Third Thursdays Webinar, Michael J. Fox Foundation Patient Council member Larry Gifford leads a discussion on common Parkinson’s issues —dyskinesia and "off" time — and how to treat them. 

Panelist Ashley E. Rawls, MD, explains the uncontrolled, involuntary movement called dyskinesia that may occur with medication use and why Parkinson's symptoms return between medication doses (“off” time). She offers tips for talking with your doctor about these issues and what treatments are available. Panelists Rick Schwartz and Bryan Roberts, both living with Parkinson’s, share their personal experience with “off” time and dyskinesia and steps they’ve taken to manage these issues. 

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